Define Your Goals for Learning Email Marketing

With every course you commence with us, we ask you to take 30 mins to think about and set intentions, your purpose and goals for learning new skills.

Why we believe it's important prior to starting a course

Having a purpose makes you persistent and having persistence is what will keep you coming back to every course lesson, you’ll then achieve your learning goals with ease and even excitement.

Step 1: Meditate before you put pen to paper

In our daily lives, before we commence goal setting, we all like to do a quick 10 min meditation to centre the mind and focus thoughts.

  • Learn more about mediation and find useful background information and tools over at our blog post on Mindfulness Learning.

Step 2: Write down your goals for learning

Download your free template from the top of the page and write down your goals and intentions for participating and completing this course.

Hot Tip: Be specific and detailed. Write down something like, “I want to learn email marketing so I can get a promotion at work doing email design and build a career in managing email communications" (rather than) "I want to learn how to manage email marketing".

Write down at least 2 or 3 goals, like the above tip and also a bullet point for each on how learning this is going to impact your life.

How learning will impact your life examples:

  • Understanding this will give me the confidence to interview
  • Learning this will help me get a promotion at work which will pay more money and I can then travel to Paris next year
  • Learning this will give me practical tips I can apply to my current role and I'll feel more on-top and confident

Step 3:Refer back to your goals list throughout

Lastly, once you've written down your goals and your purpose refer back and check-in with your list every week, even multiple times if you find you lack motivation.