Digital Content and Social Media Basics

On your own time, learn the ropes of digital content and social media from industry experts: master key skills to create and execute a digital content strategy

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Digital content and social media marketing is the process of creating valuable & relevant content to attract, acquire, & engage an audience.

Our Digital Content & Social Media Basics Course explores the principles of a digital content strategy, how to create personas, define a Tone of Voice, set strategic goals & direction, create a content calendar, understand content types & how to align them to your customer journey & content pillars..

You'll learn how to write, edit, & design digital content - with specific preference to social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as choose the right mix of material & how to promote it & you'll also learn the basics of measuring & reporting the return on investment of your digital content.


  • 27 lessons in audio, text and imagery designed to train your memory for better learning retention
  • Learn 'Hot Tips' that real companies & agencies follow in everyday digital content activities
  • Learn end-to-end from digital content strategy, creation, design, promotion, publishing & reporting on KPI's
  • Learn how to produce a social content strategy optimised for a specific audience
  • Learn what Apps and tools to use to make your content professaional and engageing

Course Curriculum

  1. An Overview of Digital Content
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  3. Digital Content Channels & Types of Digital Content
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