Social Media - Instagram Fundamentals

On your own time, learn the ropes of Instagram marketing from industry experts: master the skills to create and execute an Instagram content strategy.

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Digital content marketing is the process of creating valuable & relevant content to attract, acquire, & engage an audience and Instagram is a platform to publish your marketing content.

Instagram is the number one social media platform to grow online influence, share products and services, market a business, grow a client base and showcase personal branding or a portfolio.

Our Instagram Foundations Course guides you through the benefits of using Instagram for digital content marketing, how to create content that is specific to an audience, define a tone of voice, set strategic goals & direction, create a content calendar, understand content types & how to align them to your your business objectives so you your Instagram following is your customer not just a number on your bio.

You'll learn how to write, edit, & design Instagram content, how to promote and run advertising campaigns through Instagram & you'll also learn the basics of measuring & reporting the return on investment (ROI) of both your Instagram posts and ads.

We also give you on-the-job-hacks (yes including algorithm hacks) that we've tried and tested on various global Instagram accounts we work on such as @virginaustralia @bmw and @netaporter (to brag of a few).


  • 33 short lessons with text and imagery designed to train your memory for better learning retention
  • Learn 'Hot Tips' that real companies & agencies follow in Instagram strategies
  • Learn a professionals social media management - digital content strategy, Instagram post and Stories content creation, copywriting and calls-to-action, the best times to post
  • Learn how to use data to produce a content strategy that actually talks to your audience, their needs & goals
  • Learn how to promote and advertise using Instagram and also measure success
  • Learn exactly how the algorithm works and how to work with it to drive engagement
  • Learn what external apps we use to create content, figure out when to post and much more

Course Curriculum

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